Sometimes Your Fantasy Football Can Hurt You Financially

Sometimes when you are working too much on your 8 to 5 job, we tend to spoil ourselves whenever we get the chance to have recreational activities.

I’d play fantasy football all day long sometimes during the weekend because I just want to disconnect from the stress that I have acquired during the weekdays. But sometimes I also realised that I have been playing too much especially when I look at my credit. I don’t think that there is a way for me to play longer without shelling out money.

Fantasy football has become my favourite recreational activity ever since I found it a few years ago. To be exact, I acquired my fondness for fantasy football after tried I it out during one of our workplace’s teambuilding night.

From then on, my love and interest for fantasy football became more viral and influenced my lifestyle in so many ways.

I know that fantasy football is a make-believe game but I am not the shame of it because it also requires skill to play it efficiently. A lot of my friends have been asking me how I managed to improve so quickly and just a short span of time. I still haven’t told them yet but my secret is playing online. I have been registering to the best daily fantasy sites namely fan duels and draft kings.

How did I manage to play draft kings and fan duels at the same time? First, I used a draft kings promo code.

I was a really hard-core player and I wanted to cut some cost so that is what they did. Draft kings was my first love but I still tried another DFS just to see what it was like.

The next site that I used was fan duels. In the same way, I also used a fanduel promo code.

Playing these two DFS sites did the trick for me. I was able to play fantasy football even without friends by my side because the other users are connected through the Internet and can play and bet on games remotely.

Getting Advice From Friends About Fantasy Football on Draft Kings

Guys… If your reader of this blog I know that a lot of you are aware that I’m not a big fan of taking advice from other people. When it comes to fantasy football you really just need to trust yourself and make the decisions yourself. This way there’s no scapegoating and saying that all well I’m so mad at this person because they told me to play this person and that person suck.

Don’t Listen to Fantasy Gurus Like This


The prick is annoying too because he just pushes the draft kings promo code – and it’s oh so blatent.

So many times I see friends asking other people who they should start. And then the act on that advice. That’s the worst thing you want to deal because then if that person sucks you’re just going to be kicking yourself for trusting someone else and then you never going to ask them for advice again.

Also, it is so up in the air is such locked almost. Even someone who is super know it all and does know a lot about it can still struggle because they can’t predict the future. They don’t know if the recommended player is someone was just going to go out with an ankle injury in the first five minutes the game.

This happens so much. And the stuff that you can’t predict at all. Just together week I started a guy called Bilal Powell..

Well guess who went out in the first quarter with zero carries because of the concussion… Yes it was that guy. Now someone had told me started like I would’ve been so upset. I would’ve been like all I knew I should’ve started that guy. But now I don’t want to blame but myself. And if you can take the plane in fantasy football it’s not that big of deal because you’re really just coming out here lock.

There’s nothing more about fantasy football or not. If you have some good players that sure you’re going to win some games. But to be able to actually win the league it takes a fair amount of luck. And by locking me and some of the matches that you’re playing in sometimes you’re play a person who doesn’t score that much and you might catch one of those really lucky season three just play some every single week that just has one of their worst weeks.

It’s kind like like the stars are aligning type of deal.

I’m going to give you some advice right now. And I know this might be kind of contradictory because I’m saying all you shouldn’t be